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interior tienda molino

of the Rice Museum

The ‘Moli de Rafelet’ was founded in 1935 by Don Rafael Margalef Bertomeu for milling his own rice harvest.

Brother and sister, Rafael and Teresa Margalef, of the third generation, maintain the mill and look after the rice processing, producing some of the finest rices in the area, with exceptional culinary properties.

Nowadays it is the only wooden mill in the Ebro Delta, processing the rice traditionally, by hand.

Therefore, in essence, the process of milling the rice in the wooden mill has not changed at all and continues to be in operation.

It is surprising that by simple friction the rice is separated from its husk and by gently rubbing the brown rice against emery cones, it can be whitened.

From July 2008 the Catalan Government (Generalitat) listed the rice mill as ‘Molí de Rafelet Rice Museum’.