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preparing the rice arroz artesano

Siega o cosecha del arroz

preparing the rice arroz artesano

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preparing the rice arroz artesano

preparing the rice molino artesano

Preparing the rice

Our rices are cut around the middle of September (grain with husk) and then spread out in the sun to be dried, just as our grandparents did.

The dried, grain with husk arrives at the mill and undergoes the process of cleaning and dehusking in order to obtain brown rice and rice chaff.

From there the brown rice is whitened by means of traditional ‘emery cones’. During this process we obtain the rice cylinder, broken rice and white rice as well as semi-white rice..

Then the broken grains are separated from the whole grains, by means of ‘vesers’ or traditional grading sieves. Finally the rice Molí de Rafelet is packed in hand-sewn cloth sacks and then vacuum-packed for maximum conservation.

This rice has no chemical treatment whatsoever. Preparation and packaging of Molí de Rafelet organic, hand-milled rice: The growing, milling and packaging of this rice complies with the CCPAE and the EEC norms for ecologic-biologic-organic agriculture.