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rice and health

Rice and health

The Bomb, Marisma, Reserva varieties of rice have ‘the taste and flavour of rice’  thanks to the preparation and packaging in a mill dating from 1935, which can also be visited.

The rice from Molí de Rafelet is a rice which, from harvesting to packaging, has no chemical treatment (sterilisation) at all and neither does it have any added preservatives.

Because of this our rice must be vacuum-packed.

White or semi-white rice: rice which, after dehusking, also has its fibre or bran removed to be converted into semi-white rice. This makes the rice Molí de Rafelet very digestible and also gives it a true ‘flavour and taste of rice’.

Brown rice: rice which only has the husk removed. It contains a lot more vitamins and fibre than the white or semi-white rice, especially B group vitamins and dietry fibre.

The hand-milled, organic rice Molí de Rafelet, whether it is brown or semi-white, is a very flavour some rice, that is to say it has a ‘taste of rice’, thanks to its preparation and packaging all done by hand.