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cultivo tradicional arroz

cultivo tradicional arroz

Rice growing

Rice Molí de Rafelet comes from the family’s own rice fields as well as from smallholdings on the Ebro Delta (Tarragon, Spain) where we supervise the growing and we provide only certified rice seeds, Bomba, Marisma....

In March we begin to prepare the land, turning and airing it; after, in April, it is leveled, fertilised and prepared for opening the water inlets.

Once the fields have the correct level of water, the grains with husks from Bomba, Marisma …. rice are sown.

At the beginning of June you can already appreciate the bright green colour of the fields.

At the beginning of August the first hads of rice appear, first in green and by the end of the month they begin to ripen. Finally, in the middle of September the rice harvest begins. It should be pointed out that the rice grains with husks, when harvested, are humid and have to be dried before storing.

Drying Molí de Rafelet rice is carried out in the most natural way, in the heat of the sun.